Monday, September 08, 2008

Reading Report

Wasn't a huge reading weekend. I started with a bunch of short stories from the Carcosa Press Hugh B. Cave collection Murgunstrumm and Others. Cave, a prolific author for the pulps tended toward horror and suspense tales and this volume is a good cross section of his work. Cave's work hasn't aged quite as well as that of the other two authors collected by Carcosa, E. Hoffman Price and Manly Wade Wellman. His style 'feels' a little more old fashioned. Still he had a good head for horror and there are some genuinely creepy ideas and moments in his fiction.
While at lunch for my AutoCAD class on Thursday I swung by the Marietta Book Nook and lucked out in finding a copy of Legacies, the second Repairman Jack novel, which is currently out of print. It actually goes back into print next month, but I didn't want to wait that long, so I picked up the used copy. Having read that, I'm now caught up on Jack's adventures and can begin the fourth novel secure in the knowledge that I'm not missing any pertinent information from earlier books.
Then I started Dean Koontz's fourth Odd Thomas book, Odd Hours. Like the other three this one gets off to a very quick start and drags you right along. I didn't get around to it until late Sunday and I had planned to only read a couple of chapters, but of course it pulled me right in and I polished off a quarter of the book before forcing myself to go to bed so I could get up and go to work Monday morning. More about Odd Hours when I finish the novel.
Also read a big chunk of Dangerous Territories, which is Jess Nevins' book of annotations to Alan Moore's third League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novel, the Black Dossier. I wasn't anywhere near as taken with Dossier as I had been with the other two installments of the series, but as Cliff pointed out, the annotations are often more interesting than the comic itself.
As I said, not a big reading weekend, but some quality stuff.

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