Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

Won an Ebay bid last night for a complete set of Tarzan paperbacks. My originals, which were given to me by my mother and which are older than I am, have begun to show their age and I'm afraid that too many more re-readings will lead to broken spines and loose pages. The books have sentimental value and I don't want them to fall apart, but since I like to re-read the Tarzan stories every few years, I figured I'd better get some new reading copies. Sets of the books on Ebay tend to bring high prices. This is understandable since I rarely see the Tarzan paperbacks in used bookstores anymore and acquiring them individually would be time consuming and expensive.
I had been watching several sets for the last few weeks. They had usually bid up higher than I was willing to pay fairly quickly. The sets with covers by Neal Adams in particular tend to get up to a couple of hundred bucks. Fortunately all I wanted was a set in good shape for reading, regardless of covers. Ended up with a slightly mismatched set. 19 of the 24 volumes are from the 1970s edition with white covers. The other five are from other editions. All appear to be in good shape though, so they should last through repeated re-readings. Knowing me, I'll probably hunt down the matching covers for the other five just so all 24 match. I'm a collector. We do stuff like that. I got the books at a surprisingly low cost, though I was a little concerned that another buyer was going to outbid me. But he gave up before he reached my maximum bid.

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