Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Wrath of Kharrn

Now that I've reached level 50 with my Lord of the Rings online character Kharrn, I've been working on getting better skills and weapons and stuff for him. Nav, one of the members of my Kinship, The Windriders of Rohan, has been of invaluable help, using his crafting skills to make me some armor and weapons in the past. Now he's given me a shining steel mace to match the shining steel ax I bought. Shining steel weapons are top of the line and yes, they really do shine. You can kind of see it in the picture I've included. Anyway, Nav made the mace and he named it Kharrn's Wrath which I thought was really clever. If anyone clicks on it to inspect it in the game they see the name. One girl PMed me with Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrn! Heh.

I'm guilty of Star Trek humor in LotR as well. The Hunter class has the ability to teleport other characters to different locations and whenever I accept a 'port' from a hunter, I always say "One to beam up." which elicits groans from all the members of my party.

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