Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ain't it Funny How Time Slips Away

I went up to my brother's house today for my nephew Zack's 16th birthday party. Hard to believe he's 16 years old. He can look me in the eye now. Probably be taller than me next year and I'm 6'2". Of course his dad is 6'5".
Anyway I remember when he was born because I actually had to take his mom to the hospital. I was working at home back then writing Chinese comic books for Jademan Comics and my brother was many miles away at his job when his wife went into labor. He called me on the phone and told me to get his wife and get her to the hospital and he'd meet us there. No pressure.
So though I have no children I have made that ride that all father's dread to some degree. We made it just fine, but I had to turn around and head right back home because someone had to teach two classes that evening at the Karate dojo I ran with my brother. So when my nephew was being born I was actually teaching reverse punches. Anyway, Zack is quite the young man now. He'll be able to drive down and visit me on his own now. The mind boggles.


Lanny said...

Yes. MY mind boggles with ever increasing frequency these days...

lk said...

Heh, tell me about it. My nef is in college. Wow.

I could repeat several cliches here but will spare everyone.