Monday, October 20, 2008

The Haunted Air

Well as expected I did end up reading F. Paul Wilson's Repairman Jack novel 'The Haunted Air' over the weekend. This is probably the most complex of the series so far, weaving so many subplots together that I sometimes had trouble keeping track. The main plot seems to be about two fraudulent spiritualists hiring Jack to find out who's trying to ruin their business and possibly kill them. But when Jack and his girlfriend Gia show up at the spiritualist's mansion, Jack's involvement with 'the otherness' causes something to awaken within the house, an angry spirit who has sinister plans for Jack, Gia, and their unborn child.
But wait. There's more. Jack takes a side job watching out for a man who's brother is afraid "he might do something violent' under a new moon. And this being an F. Paul Wilson novel, neither the man nor the brother are exactly what they appear to be. Wilson skillfully works all of these characters together as it slowly becomes apparent that all of these events are connected and all of them aimed at bringing Jack into the vengeful grasp of the otherness. There are call backs to previous novels, both in the Repairman Jack series and the six volume 'Adversary' series. Molasar or Rasalom or whatever he's calling himself these days isn't on the scene but his influence is felt.
As usual, Wilson ratchets up the suspense as the book progresses, bringing things to a slam bang and satisfying conclusion. There are enough ghostly happenings to make this a fine book for the Halloween season. There's one particularly creepy scene that takes place in the mansion's cellar where...but the would be telling. I can't recommend the Repairman jack series enough. I'm amazed it took me this long to find the books and I'm really having trouble not reading them all back to back.

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