Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Re: Sherlock Holmes

Knowing of my fondness for Sherlock Homes, several people have emailed me, asking what I think about the new Sherlock Holmes movie currently being filmed with Robert Downey Jr. as the great detective. Well as Holmes would say, "It is a capital mistake to speculate before the facts, Watson," and I have very few facts. I have seen a couple of photographs showing Downey in a costume that looks rather like a Victorian street person, but I'm hoping that's a disguise. Holmes was big on disguises.
The director, Guy Ritchie has said that "The movie will be faithful to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories", however he and Downey have also said there will be a lot more action. That's not completely out of character as the early Holmes stories listed Holmes as being an accomplished boxer, and fencer, and later he was shown to have studied ju-jitsu. (Misnamed as Baritsu) I'm okay with action sequences of course, though I do hope that Holmes' brilliant deductions aren't overlooked.
And speaking of deductions, here are a few I can make from the cast list. The cast contains Mary Morstan and Irene Adler. Morstan was the heroine of The Sign of Four and she married Watson after that novel. Irene Adler was the only woman who Holmes ever showed much interest in. So there are your probable romantic leads. Holmes'usual arch enemy Professor Moriarity isn't mentioned in the list so I'm hoping that means he isn't in the film at all. Really tired of Moriarity and every genius who tries to write a new Holmes film always seems to think he has to trot out this character who only appeared in one Holmes story and never actually on stage. He is referred to but never seen.
So anyway, I'm willing to wait and give the film a chance. I thought Downey was great in Iron Man and I've seen him do a British accent before so he can pull that part of it off. Would he have been my first choice for Sherlock Holmes? Nope. That would be Hugh Laurie of House M.D. I think he'd make a great Holmes. But I assume that the makers of the film are aiming at the youth audience so they wanted a cast that would appeal more to the Pirates of the Caribbean crowd. Jude Law is Watson and the two leading ladies are quite the hotties if that gives you any clue.
So my verdict for the moment is wait and see. It could be a lot of fun. And if it bombs, there's always Jeremy Brett on DVD.

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