Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Long Halloween

I just learned that Tom Fagan died a few days ago. Fagan, sometimes known as Mr. Halloween, was a comics fan and the man behind the Rutland Vermont Halloween parade. For anyone who grew up reading comic books in the 1970s, Tom was also a familiar face in the pages of the comics themselves. Over the years Superheroes from DC, Marvel, and even Gold Key were involved in Halloween stories set around Rutland and the Halloween parade. Usually Tom would make a guest appearance and often play a role in the plot. I got used to seeing Tom pop up in Batman, Justice League, Avengers, and Thor, he also appeared in Doctor Spector, Freedom Fighters, and various other comics. Probably the one everyone remembers best is Batman #237 because of the amazing art job by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano. I always enjoyed these early examples of meta-fiction and as a young comics fan I wondered who this Fagan guy was and how did he rate teaming up with all those super heroes? Years later I learned that many comics professionals attended the Rutland Halloween parade and knew Fagan personally. I was saddened by the news of Tom Fagan's death. He held a bright and spooky little spot in my childhood. He still does.

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Win Scott Eckert said...

This is sad, thanks for the info, Charles. I'm especially fond of the Doctor Spektor comic...