Monday, October 27, 2008

Tales to Read With the Lights On

Beth has requested Halloween reading suggestions so I am stepping up. Of course if you read back through the last week or so of posts, you'll find that I've been giving a lot of Halloween ideas already. But I got more.
Last year I recommended Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes. I'll put that at the top of this years list too, since I consider it one of the top Halloween reads of all time. Next I'll recommend Ramsey Campbell's collection of horror short stories, Alone With the Horrors. There are some gems in there that I guarantee will give you a shudder or two. I'm thinking of a particularly grisly little tale called "Call First."
Now, a little harder to come by, but worth the effort to seek out is Karl Edward Wagner's horror collection, In a Lonely Place. This book is worth owning purely for the short story "Sticks", (which many believe was ripped off by the makers of The Blair Witch Project) but it also contains "The River of Night's Dreaming", ".220 Swift," "In the Pines" and "Where the Summer Ends" which are not only some of the best of Wagner's work, but some of the finest horror stories I've ever read, period. I can't recommend this book enough and it's a crying shame that it's out of print.
Easier to come by and one of the scariest ghost stories I can recall is Barbara Michaels "Ammie Come Home". Not one to read when you're home alone late at night. You can probably find this one at your local used bookstore or even the library. Really creepy.
Oh and I've recommended F. Paul Wilson's "The Keep" before but I'll do so again. And if you want to go with Stephen King, my favorite is "Bag of Bones."
Anyway, those are my suggestions for your Halloween reading enjoyment. Don't blame me if you end up sleeping with the lights on.

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Kate R said...

OHHHHHH I'd forgotten that Ray Bradbury story. Yeah, that's a good one.