Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And now begins the killing...

The Mines of Moria upgrade for Lord of the Rings Online goes up today. I downloaded all the new files last night. That means that there are now a bunch of new areas to explore and new monsters to fight and 10 new levels to attain. My main character Kharrn can start leveling up again after being capped at level 50 for the last few months. Probably also means that my secondary character Kellax will be stuck at level 33 for a while because I'll be taking Kharrn into all the new locations and doubtless neglecting his younger brother.
I went online for a few minutes this morning just to see if Kharrn could get back into action. I killed four bad guys, earning 1800 XP (experience points) for Kharrn, so yes, he is no longer capped. One of my kinship members, who was in the Moria beta test, tells me that all the stuff in Moria is too high to deal with at level 50, so I'll have to get Kharrn up a few more levels before I can actually take him inside the mines. But I can visit some of the other new areas as I level up, including Lothlorian. Been looking forward to that becoming available. So anyway, the new upgrade is here. And now begins the killing.

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