Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cats For Christmas

Bruce and Amelia arrived yesterday for the long haul. Trish will be deployed to Iraq with her Air Force Reserve Unit in two weeks. She's spending the next week up north with her family. So her two cats have come to stay with me and will be here until sometime in June of next year. (Trish's deployment is six months.) Several people have commented about what a nice guy I am to take care of the cats for six months, but it's really not a burden or anything. I like them and they like me. (Though it usually takes Amelia a week or so to remember that she likes me.) I enjoy having them.
Their first night here passed calmly, with Amelia sleeping through the night without getting up and howling at the injustice of being left in Kennesaw. Doesn't mean she won't do that yet, but we'll call that a good opening day. Bruce was his usual buttinski self as I cooked breakfast this morning. Right now both cats are climbing around on the 'cat condo' Trish brought up. My living room is full of cat toys. I haven't had any pets since I left home a couple of decades back, so this will be the longest I've ever had pets around. Wish me luck.

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