Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reading Report

The weekend was absorbed mostly with the Letters of Robert E. Howard and assorted REH short stories, and I've already talked about all of that. Monday I did a re-read of A Savage Place, another one or Robert B. Parker's early Spenser novels. Currently I'm about 100 pages into Gateways, another of my dwindling supply of Repairman Jack novels. In this one, Jack's father has been injured in an accident and Jack has to fly down to Florida to help his comatose dad. However it soon appears that the accident may not have been so accidental. There's also a creepy group of backwoods mutants living in the everglade swamps who are apparently spawn of the Otherness, the supernatural force that Jack has run into before. F. Paul Wilson never ceases to amaze me with this narrative force. First 100 pages just flew by.
I have several books on order. In fact at least two of them are waiting for me at Dr. No's right now. There are also a couple of books I've asked for from my parents for Christmas and some books I plan to buy after the holidays, so with any luck I've got plenty of interesting reading ahead of me.

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