Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tarzan the Italian

My friend Whitney just returned from her whirlwind tour of Europe. (Actually she was in Italy for a 10 week study program, but whirlwind tour of Europe sounds cooler.) Before leaving she had asked me what I wanted as a souvenir and I'd said anything Italian featuring Conan or Tarzan. She returned with a very nifty little hardback album of Burne Hogarth Tarzan comic strips. It's printed in beautiful color on extremely nice paper and I'm very happy to add it to my collection of Tarzan comics. Hogarth is one of my top ten Tarzan artists. He was the second major artist on the long running Tarzan newspaper strip, following Hal Foster, and he drew the strip for longer than anyone else. Of course now that I've identified Hogarth as one of my top ten Tarzan comics artists, now I have to list the other nine. So here's the list more or less in order.

1. Russ Manning
2. Hal Foster
3. Joe Kubert
4. Thomas Yeates
5. Burne Hogarth
6. Jesse Marsh
7. Grey Morrow
8. John Buscema
9. Gil Kane
10. Mike Grell

Now keep in mind, this is a Tarzan specific list. Some of the comic book artists like Buscema and Kane would score higher on an overall list of favorite comic book artists. I'd have a real problem making a top ten list of my all time favorite comics artists. I'll give that some thought.

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