Monday, December 08, 2008

Can't Get There From Here

So I've been playing Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria for about three weeks now and I've really been enjoying it. Lot of new monsters to kill and new challenges to face. I do have a couple of problems with the new expansion though. The biggest one is just that it's really hard to get around in Moria without getting lost. Seems like either I or one of my Kinship members is constantly lost. There are maps, as there are in the other areas of the games, but the maps are 2-D and the environment is 3-D. The mines have more than one level, so sometimes when you think you're right on top of something, you're actually below it or above it. Confusing. And of course a lot of the environment is just tunnels which all look pretty much the same.
The other thing is that you can't use your horse inside the mines. You can catch a ride from place to place on these giant goats, (Yes I said, giant goats.) but that's only from town to town. If you're out in the mines and you suddenly have to travel a long way, you'll just have to run. Slows things down considerably.
Got to fight a bunch of warg riders last night. Goblins mounted on giant wolves. Really cool. Also fought several hive queens which are these giant bugs, kind of like the Alien Mother in Aliens. The game is starting to use a lot of monsters and things which aren't strictly from Tolkein, but I figured that was coming. I have been briefly to Lothlorian. You're not really supposed to go there until you've been all through the mines and everything there is level 59 or 60, so it's dangerous, but my pal Nav and I wanted to see it so we tried a suicide run through the mines and actually made it out the other side to Lothlorian. Couldn't get into the main part of that area yet, but we did get to climb to one of the platforms and see some elves.
Anyway, I hit level 56 this weekend, and am well on my way to 57, so I'm rolling right along. Over the halfway mark to the new cap at level 60. The road goes ever on and on.

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