Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What'll Ya Have?!

I got a craving for a Varsity hot dog today, so I hopped in the truck and headed over to the one at Town Center. Not the REAL Varsity of course, an Atlanta landmark that's down near Georgia Tech. But the chili dog and the slaw dog still tasted the same and the air is still full of cries of "What'll ya have? What'll ya have?!"
I can remember when I was a kid, no trip down to Atlanta was complete without a stop at the Varsity. They still had carhops then and would bring out trays laden with greasy dogs, burgers, and fries and attach them to the car window. Sometimes we went inside and stood at the long counter on the red tile floor, surrounded by strangers united in the search for a greasy chili dog.
Over the years my dad and I would sometimes make a trip down to the big city on a Sunday afternoon just to visit the Varsity. And these days if he comes to Kennesaw to see a movie or something with me we'll still hit the Varsity afterwards.
Anyway, I had a chili dog and a slaw dog and a giant Coke with that crushed ice that the Varsity has. Enjoyed it tremendously and I can actually hear my arteries clogging...

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Lanny said...

There's nothing else like the Varsity. I miss it a lot. We ate there twice the last time we were in Atlanta.