Friday, January 09, 2009

The Illuminated Bruce

Bruce the cat has figured out how to turn the bathroom light on. Why he would want to do this, I've no idea. He leaps up and grasps the light switch with both paws, pulling the switch down. Now this turns the light ON because the bathroom light is one of those with two switches (one by each door) so one of them turns the light on by being flipped down.
Fortunately for me (and possibly for Bruce) the first time he did it I was awake. I was stretched out in bed, looking toward the bathroom when the light suddenly came on and Bruce dropped to the floor beneath the switch. Had the light simply popped on in the middle of the night I'd have probably rolled out of bed thinking I had an intruder and ready for mayhem. Cats.

1 comment:

Jeri said...

"Why he would want to do this, I've no idea."

Because he can? Because there was this thing sticking out of the wall and he simply HAD to grab it, and turning on the light was simply a by-product that he had not intended?

Either way, I'm glad they keep you company!