Monday, February 02, 2009


Finished up Bloodline, the next to the last (so far) Repairman Jack book by F. Paul Wilson. The supernatural content in this one was pretty low and in fact the plot seemed more like an SF story than anything else. It begins when jack is hired by a woman whose daughter is dating a much older man. The woman thinks there is something sinister about the guy and wants Jack to find out what it is. It's not Jack's usual kind of case, but he's still recovering from a loss in his own personal life and so he agrees to try and help the woman.
Turns out, of course, that the guy is far more than just a little creepy and soon Jack is up to his ears in the sort of violence that he knows how to deal with. This isn't one of my favorite RJ books as it mostly seems to cover old territory. Jack runs afoul of a cult and some shady scientists working on genetic engineering. Seen that sort of thing in previous RJ books. As Wilson approaches the final few RJ books (he says there is definitely a finite number) leading up to his horror novel Night World, he is pulling together all the threads from the RJ books and the connected six book Adversary series. This makes the last few RJ books in particular all seem part of one big book. I've no problem with that but it does make for some repetitive scenes from book to book.
Still Bloodline has a high action content and things are never boring with Jack around and there is one fairly major revelation about Jack's background in this one. Finishing Bloodline leaves me with only the newest RJ book, By the Sword, to go. I stretched the Jack books out as long as I could, but they were just so entertaining that I couldn't make them last longer. I won't be able to stay away from By the Sword for long either because it contains a long awaited meeting between Jack and one of Wilson's other characters.

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