Friday, February 20, 2009

Relying on the Kindness of Strangers

Had an odd email from an eBay seller last night. He was letting me know that he'd shipped the Tarzan comic books I'd bought, which was fine, but the rest of his email was something like this.
"Now as soon as you get your stuff be sure to go and leave me positive feedback. And not just the regular feedback but the detailed feedback and be sure and give me five stars in all categories so that I get the top rating."
This strikes me as a bit presumptuous. My basic take on eBay is this. If you ship things out in a timely manner and the condition of your item is roughly approximate to what you said it was then you will get positive feedback. I have never left anyone negative feedback, actually. However I don't usually do the five start rating thing. Just takes too long. If someone does a really good job I will write in the comments section things like: "Fast shipping. Product as described. Friendly emails. Very pleased."
Anyway, this guy is probably trying to build a rep and needs the rating, but his email did seem rather pushy, like asking a favor of a complete stranger. Still if the comics are in good condition I'll probably take the time and give him the detailed feedback. I try to be a mensch.

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