Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Lost Hour

Daylight savings time started this morning. Spring forward and all that, meaning that we lose an hour of sleep Monday morning and onward until we adjust. I planned to get a jump start by getting up at 3:30, now 4:30, just so it wouldn't be as much of a shock to my system come Monday. I needn't have worried. Bruce the cat was wide awake at 3:30 and as always, thought that if he was awake, I should be awake.
I blundered around for a while, waiting for the new 7:00 am, formerly 6:00 am. I hadn't stocked up on breakfast food so I decided to go out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Neither Conan nor Tarzan were willing to get up so early so I went solo.
That's when I learned that the lost hour was still lost. Normally the parking lot of the Cracker Barrel in my neck of the woods is filling up by 7:00 on a Sunday. By eight you'll have to wait for a table. Popular place with the locals. Not this morning. Three cars in the lot. People still desperately clinging to that last hour I guess.
The wait staff was still half asleep, moving like zombies through the lost hour. "Too early", I kept hearing people mumble. Place was still pretty deserted when I left.
Came home for a bit, then decided to head over to Barnes & Noble so I could browse without crowds. No problem there. The new 9:00 is still 8:00 to most people this morning. Sunday is usually very busy at the local B&N and especially at the Starbuck's attached to the place. Usually all the tables both inside and out of the coffee shop are full, taken up by regular groups who meet on Sunday mornings. This morning? Ghost town.
I was beginning to feel like one of the characters in Stephen King's novella The Langoliers, as if I had stepped slightly out of time/sync with the rest of the world. I was an hour in the past, moving like a ghost through a lost and forgotten bit of time. I have the windows open to the spring weather and as I write this I can hear the sounds of traffic beginning to pick up outside. Time is snapping back into place. By next Sunday most folks will have adjusted to the new time and the lost hour will be no more, absorbed back into the normal passage of time. But it was there this morning, just at the edges of my waking mind.

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