Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Got the World on a String

Bruce the cat has a security blanket, only it's not a blanket. It's a shoe string. He drags it with him everywhere he goes and he likes to sleep with it curled in his paws. I've often accused Bruce of dog like behavior. He fetches. He follows me around like a puppy. The security shoe string is probably his most eccentric quirk. He loves his string and he wants me to love it too. He will drag it over and drop it on my feet or if I am prone, on top of the book I'm reading and look at me with his usual bugged out expression as if to say. "Look how cool my shoe string is. Isn't this great? Drag it around a bit so I can chase it."
And he does love to chase the string. He'll dash after it as long as I'll drag it around. And if I throw it he'll go get it and bring it back. He's a strange cat.

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Jeri said...

He sounds like Katee, actually, lol. I taught her to "give five" with her front paw, stand on her hind legs, turn around herself, sit, and now she taps her paw to my knee on command. She'll also jump things or crawl under things when properly motivated. She'll fetch rubber hair bands if I shoot them through the appartment, loves to hide and play in swads of packing paper and one of her favorite games is "chase the dry food" when I shoot bits through the appartment and she goes to hunt it (also helps her figure). Bruce sounds like one of those cats that want an interactive human. Luckily, he has you!