Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Kane Connection?

And speaking of The Hour of the Dragon and Karl Edward Wagner, as I was below, after I read the two standout chapters of Dragon I mentioned, the one with the ghouls and the one with the female vampire, I wondered how much or if any influence those two chapters had on Wagner's Kane story Mirage. In that one, an injured Kane has a run in with some ghouls in a forest before becoming the intended consort of a vampire queen. Otherwise the story is nothing like Howard's but knowing of Wagner's admiration for REH and The Hour of the Dragon (Wagner writes a fascinating afterward about Dragon in a Conan collection he edited.) I wondered if he was perhaps influenced by the two sequences. I'll mention that my most recent sword & sorcery story was influenced by Mirage, though you probably couldn't tell by reading it. It's mostly in the atmosphere of an abandoned castle.

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