Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And speaking of horrors and dreams, I've been having a lot of very vivid nightmares lately. (Gee, Charles I wonder why? Maybe you should read happier books.) Over the weekend I had one about some horrible winged things that were terrorizing a British village. They were some sort of demons from another dimension and they were nesting in an old abbey. Might make a good sword & sorcery plot.
Then last night I dreamed about this big dragon sort of thing. I was trying to help some folks kill it and we had used a make-shift ballista to shoot a big arrow into its chest. But the arrow didn't penetrate deeply enough and it used its front claws to start pulling the arrow out. I got the bright idea to hop on a tractor (We were fighting the monster at some farm.) and ram the end of arrow, thereby driving it back into the creature's chest. It did work but the monster caused all kind of havoc in its death throws.
Those are the only two I remember clearly but there were some other ghoulies and beasties trying to kill me in my sleep over the long weekend.

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