Monday, June 15, 2009

Safe at Home

Trish made it back from Iraq early on Saturday morning. I saw her yesterday at a Welcome Home pool party held by one of her friends, and believe me, there aren't many people for whom I'd attend a pool party. There were so many folks there that I didn't really get a chance to talk to Trish much about her adventures in Iraq. But I'll see her again Wednesday.
Her plan at the moment is to spend two weeks in this area, then go to visit her family for two weeks, so rather than take her cats home for two weeks and then bring them back, Bruce and Amelia will just stay with me for another month. Better for the cats in the long run and I'm certainly in no rush to get rid of them.
Anyway, I'm just glad she made it through her deployment unscathed and I'm glad to have her safe at home.


lk said...

So glad she is home! Give her a virtual hug from me. V tells B and E to overcome their evil cat natures and show more than polite enthusiam. ;)

He is busy chastising the farm cat for existing.

Brett Brooks said...


...I think that about sums it up...


cliff said...

Looking forward to seeing Trish on Wednesday night!