Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Since, as you may or may not know, I don't have cable and rarely watch television, I sometimes miss shows that I'd probably enjoy. Fortunately my pal Cliff usually tells me about stuff I'm missing and loans me DVDs of shows he thinks I'd like. The other day, kind of by accident I discovered the British SF show Primeval. I looked at a few trailers and saw lots and lots of dinosaurs and we know I love dinosaurs, so I decided to order the first volume DVD box set from Amazon.
The basic premise is that unexplained rips in time have started appearing all over the UK and things from the past are slipping through. Mostly big things with sharp teeth. A group of scientists team up with the British government to try and contain the situation.
I've watched four episodes of the show so far and I love it. There are dinosaurs everywhere. Well animated CGI dinosaurs at the super market, at grade school, and in swimming pools. Giant spiders on the London Underground. See, for me this taps into my childhood fantasy life, because I was always imagining dinsoaurs everywhere. I had a reoccurring dream about dinosaurs living in a swamp (a real place) a couple of miles from my house. It seems that I have always loved dinosaurs.
The cast is good too. Douglas Henshall plays the big brain scientist type Professor Nick Cutter. Andrew Lee Potts is the geeky, brilliant, young student Connor Temple. Hannah Spearritt plays Abby Maitland, the cute blonde chick who's also an expert on reptiles.
The writing has been very strong so far as relationships begin to develop among the various characters and plot arcs begin to emerge. I understand that the show was created as competition for Doctor Who and they do seem to be going for the sane audience. The show has a similar feel, though it's probably more Torchwood than Who.
Anyway, I understand that there's a big cast shake up in series 3 and that the show has probably been canceled at this point, but that's okay. From what I understand, monsters from the future start appearing in series 2, and that interests me less than dinosaurs, so series 1 and 2 may be all the Primeval I need. Of course after I bought the DVD box set I mentioned it to Cliff and he had already bought it himself, so I could have watched the series for free. You think I'd learn...

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Timeshadows said...

Mom and I watch it with great enjoyment. We're watching season two, and like it plenty.
--'knew it couldn't last too long, but if 3 is the end, I hope its denouement is good.