Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reading Report

This weekend I read Jeffery Deaver's mystery/thriller Roadside Crosses and S.M. Sterling's SF novel, Dies the Fire. Neither impressed me enough to get an actual review here. Both had interesting premises and both didn't live up to them as far as I'm concerned. Then I began a biography of Renaissance era soldier of fortune John Hawkworth. Liking that much better. Goes right in with last weeks reading of a general history of the Renaissance in Italy. Fascinating stuff.
Fiction-wise I'm running dangerously low. I'll probably start Joe Abercrombie's The Blade Itself pretty soon, the first in his First Law trilogy. I'll pick up Robert B. Parker's Rough Weather in paperback this week, but I've already blogged about that just below. New Repairman Jack, Ground Zero, should hit soon. Beyond that, the pickings look slim just now in the fiction world. May have to do a few more re-reads of older stuff. We'll see.

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