Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Morning

Stayed up way too late last night, questing with some of my Lord of the Rings Online friends, so I got up later than usual. Now I'm sitting here with the windows open, having just consumed a four cheese omelet and some sausage and now finishing off some shortbread with my coffee. It's a cool morning out there, with maybe just a tinge of fall, but I won't think about that. Fall makes me restless, so I should try and put it off, though it is indeed my favorite season of the year.
Picked up a good book on the Renaissance in Italy yesterday and read about half of it. I find it fascinating to see all the religious, social, political, and geographic circumstances that had to collide to create that period of rebirth. Plus, the Italian city-states interest me right now for writerly reasons I won't go into.
The cats are still here. Owing to various and complicated events in Trish's life, they may be with me permanently. That's fine with me. Bruce is sitting on the window ledge watching the birds in the tree closest to my apartment. Amelia is drowsing on the floor just behind me, She's been here long enough now that her standoffish ways have mostly vanished, and now, like her brother, whatever room I'm in is the rooms she wants to be in.
I've no real plans for the day. I did all my running around yesterday so I'll probably just hang out. Might read. Might write. Might draw. Might not. We'll see. Happy Sunday.


Lanny said...

I think we share much the same mindset where fall is concerned.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Yeah, it just makes me want to pack up and go. Not sure what causes it. But I love fall just the same.

jeritalleedawso said...

That sounds like about the perfect Sunday, cats included.