Monday, August 03, 2009

Writing Report II

Somewhere around the 4000 word mark on Slavers of Trakor. Stopped just short of a big fight scene. I'm known for writing fight scenes, and part of the "trick" to writing them is that I always write them at a sitting because that seems to make them more immediate. If I start a scene and have to stop and come back to it, I lose touch with the scene, so it's best if I can write the whole thing without stopping. When people ask me how I write such exciting fights scenes I say, "I imagine people attacking me." Somewhat flip, but basically true. My background in martial arts certainly helps.
One of the things I've found while working on this story is that I've had to dust off my Science Fiction Writer hat. Sword & Planet is usually more fantasy than SF but there are definitely some SF elements in the S&P stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs and his followers. Have to give a bit more thought to alien cultures and technology.

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