Monday, September 14, 2009

Charles Rutledge's Book of Horror

I was talking to my pal Jared about Horror short fiction the other day and it occurred to me that I have read so much of the stuff in recent years, that I could probably edit my own volume of Horror Stories. So I've decided to list the Table of Contents to that fabulous non existent tome, Charles Rutledge's Book of Horror. Now keep in mind, these aren't necessarily what I would consider to be the BEST horror stories ever. But they are some of my favorites and ones I would recommend to others, so that's what I, as editor, would include in my book. I've tried to have a nice cross section of old and relatively new. Feel free to add your own suggestions. Halloween approaches and I'm sure there will be some folks looking for creepy reading material. I've chosen 13 as the unlucky number of stories for obvious reasons.

Ralph Adams Cram/ The Dead Valley

H. P. Lovecraft/ The Dunwich Horror

Karl Edward Wagner/ Sticks

Arthur Machen/ The Great God Pan

Edgar Allan Poe/ The Tell-Tale Heart

Robert E. Howard/ The Black Stone

Joseph Payne Brennan/ The Horror at Chilton Castle

Fitz-James O'Brien/ What Was it?

Robert W. Chambers/ The Yellow Sign

Ray Bradbury/ The Dwarf

Manly Wade Wellman/ The Devil Is Not Mocked

Stephen King/ Crouch End

Ramsey Campbell/ Call First

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