Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Writing Report

The new improved version of Slavers of Trakor came in at 6408 words. Aside from some minor grammar tweaks which I'll probably catch on the re-read, this should be the final version.
I have to say, that in the last three stories that I've written, The Dweller in the Tower, The Silent History, and Slavers, I've done more rewriting than I've ever done on previous stories. I never used to do multiple drafts. Part of that has been learning to write effectively in the third person. But the main part, I think, has been paying more attention to the actual craft of writing. I write mostly because I enjoy it, so if something wasn't as polished as it needed to be, I usually just let it go. Lately, as I've been mulling the idea of trying a novel again, I've been trying to take the work a bit more seriously. Not TOO seriously, since the day I stop having fun is the day I stop writing, but still I am trying to make myself a better writer. It's a long process.

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