Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finishing Up Halloween

Well I don't think I could have packed much more Halloween stuff into the blog for October. Maybe if I had made the background orange. Anyway, so far today I have watched the movie Van Helsing, liking it much better on a second viewing, and I have read horror stories by Karl Edward Wagner and Clark Ashton Smith. Depending on how the evening goes I may watch one more movie, but Halloween is winding down.
I bought a bag of candy this morning for 40% off, just in case I have a trick or treater. I've had one in the four years I've lived here and that one was sent over by someone who knew me so I'm not expecting anyone, but I'd hate to have a kid or two show up and have nothing to give them. I bought chocolate so I can eat it if no one shows up. Probably should have bought something I hate like Starbursts or Skittles. Then I could have taken it to work on Monday.
It's been a gray, raining day here, suitable for Halloween, but fortunately the rain seems to have stopped for now, so the kids should be able to get out and trick or treat. Anyway. hope everyone has a suitably spooky and fun All Hallow's Eve.

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