Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Darkly Dreaming

I'm in another one of those periods of extremely vivid dreams. most of them nightmares. For the last couple of weeks, my sleeping time has been filled with every sort of monster and menace my subconscious can come up with and that's saying something. I've had two very intense werewolf related dreams, and last night I was battling a particularly vicious necromancer in a dream involving reanimated corpses and a cavern full of death traps and venomous, tennis ball size spiders. At least the arachnids were smaller than the last ones I dreamed about, which were as large as German Shepherds. However in this dream there were thousands of them. Thing is, I'm not really afraid of spiders, so I don't know why they show up in my dreams so much. Possibly because they figure in so many sword and sorcery stories.
I've blogged before about how I've always had a lot of nightmares, and for the most part they don't bother me much. The majority of the time, my dream self successfully fights whatever creatures come after me, so I don't get too excited when some monstrosity shows up. Now and again though, I have a dream that really disturbs me. None of those last night, though. Just a lot of blood and gore and fighting. Par for the course.
On the plus side, I've also experienced an upswing in Lucid Dreaming, those dreams where I'm aware that I'm asleep and dreaming. Those are a lot of fun in that I usually can control them to a certain degree. Years ago, I used to keep a dream journal, which is supposed to help with dream recall, but I got tired of writing them all down though and gave it up. Might try that again at some point. I've gotten a couple of decent short stories that way. Maybe I'll start another blog.

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