Saturday, November 21, 2009

G.I. Joe

I love comic books so if I call a film a "comic book" movie, it's in no way to be taken as a slight. G.I. Joe is a comic book movie. Fast paced, colorful, and action packed, with hastily sketched characterizations and a plot laced with enough coincidences to boggle Edgar Rice Burroughs' suspension of disbelief. I quite enjoyed it.
I was too old to play with the 3 and 3/4" action figures when they originally came out. My G.I.Joe was 11 inches tall and a real soldier, so I have no nostalgia for the characters in the movie. Still I watched the cartoon occasionally and I read some of the Marvel comic books.
Most of the familiar faces are there. Hawk, Duke, and Scarlet. The rival ninjas, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Cobra Commander and Destro. I found actress Sienna Miller to be a bit slight of frame as the leather clad Baroness, looking rather like a cheerleader someone had taken to a leather shop, but she did her best to slink her way through the early part of the movie.
As I said, there's plenty of action. Everything from car chases to gunfights to martial arts duels. There's also plenty of special effects, some of which are very good and others which look like an episode of Thunderbirds. Overall though it's a great popcorn movie.


Lanny said...

I think you tagged the movie pretty dead on. It's fun and certainly not "the worst movie ever made" as some have said. I think people expect too much sometimes.

Brett Brooks said...

I've already said that I found the movie surprisingly entertaining. It's not a great movie, but it's certainly fun enough to watch. (It's surely MUCH better than the second Transformers fiasco...)

Anonymous said...
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