Sunday, November 01, 2009

Post 125

Today is the third anniversary of this Blog. It also, coincidentally, marks the halfway point in last years number of posts. 2008 saw 250 posts, down from 368 in 2007. Still have two months to go in 2009, so I imagine I'll get well past the mid point, but there's little doubt I'll have fewer post this year than last. Looking back over 2009 I see that most of my posts were about books or movies and very few about my life in general. That probably explains the gap in posts from 2007 to now. I no longer feel the need to blog about my trips to the grocery store. Singular Points has become more of a web-zine and less of a journal. That's fine. My original purpose in starting the blog was to review books. Obviously I'm still doing that. I've also written more fiction this year than the preceding two, which is also probably another reason I haven't been here as much. Anyway, I'm still enjoying the blog so I'm not going away any time soon.

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