Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stuff, and Lots of It

Big night at the comic book store last night. Got a collection of Alex Raymond's Rip Kirby comic strip, the strip he quit Flash Gordon to create. Got a new DC Showcase volume, DC Comics Presents, which features team ups between Superman and other DC heroes like Flash, The Phantom Stranger, Mr. Miracle, and so on. Got a new issue of the Doc Savage reprints series, featuring a Doc novel I haven't ever read. Got the fourth volume of Dark Horse's Jesse Marsh Tarzan series. That's probably the last one of those I'll get as one of the DVD Roms I picked up recently was the complete Tarzan comics. As I noted, I'm perfectly happy to read them on the PC, so I don't really need the hardbacks.
Plus two books I'd ordered from Amazon came in yesterday. both collections of Harold Lamb's adventure fiction, edited by my pal, Howard Andrew Jones. All and all, quite a bit of new reading material.

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