Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Took me a little over two weeks to level my Lord of the Rings Online character Kharrn up to the new level cap, 65. And that was without really trying. I just did the quests as they came up, slowly leveling up from 60, the previous cap. I had reached 64 by the end of last weekend. Last night I went in planning to quest some more but ended up helping out some Kinship members who were lower level so I was just killing stuff left and right as they did their quests, watching my experience points mount up and my level slowly rise. Finally, once a bunch of the Windriders were online, Nav suggested that we do a six man Skirmish. We did and somewhere during a pitched battle with mass quantities of enemies, I leveled up to 65. I think it fitting that in the end Kharrn basically killed his way to 65. That's how Conan would have done it.

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