Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Game Speak

Someone asked me the other day how my online gaming was going and I related an anecdote about a recent encounter, and somewhere in the middle I realized my listener's eyes were glazing over as I spewed out something like,

"So it was Nav, Brie, Tryll, and me in this instance and we had to take down this troll boss and a bunch of adds. The troll had major morale and we knew our best chance was to burn him down fast. Tryll was tanking so he grabbed the boss's aggro. Brie tried to fear one of the adds but he resisted, so I went after the adds while Nav helped Tryll. Both Nav and I had major DPS so Nav was dealing damage while Tryll held the aggro and I was getting the adds down before the Boss's morale hit a certain point because we knew he had a damage buff that kicked in after that. We were getting too many adds so Brie managed to mez one of them while I tried to pull the others into a tight group so I could AOE like mad. I was taking too much damage in fervor so I had to switch to ardor, but I still went down, but Brie was close enough for a rez, so I got back in the fight quick but she couldn't remove dread while I was aggroed so..."

I'm suddenly reminded of Curly in the Three Stooges episode, Disorder in the Court. Curly is going on in jazz club "jive" talk and the judge tells him to drop the vernacular. Curly looks at his hat and says, "Vernacular? It's a derby!"

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Brett Brooks said...

Heh. A couple of those terms don't translate exactly from LOTR to WoW-speak, but I was able to get the gist. And I think I've made people get that same glass-eyed expression.