Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My Kind of Town, Mirkwood Is...

Yesterday was the release of 'Siege of Mirkwood', the new expansion for Lord of the Rings Online. I had scheduled the day off over a month ago, so I was home when the servers came back up after the patch and ready for action. And action it was. The idea of the Mirkwood expansion is that the War of the Ring is heating up. Across the river from Lothlorien the dark woods are crawling with orcs, and I do mean crawling. I ran into more orcs yesterday than I'd normally see in a week of playing, and the respawn rate was insane. You'd barely kill one enemy and move onto another before the first one was back and attacking you from behind.
Then their are the new skirmish instances, which put you and some allies in a defensive position where wave after wave of bad guys attack you, making for some very frenetic gameplay. It all made for just the sort of game that a berserker Champion such as myself really enjoyed. Fight fight fight. Less talk. More killing.
Aside from the killing there were some nice additions. You can have an NPC soldier that follows you and helps you fight. You can make them in several classes. Mine's a healer, since when I'm soloing, I need heals more than I need backup. They've changed the mount system, so that you don't have to get off your horse to talk to NPCs or go through portals. That's nice. They upgraded all the legendary weapons so they can be made more powerful.
Anyway, it will be Thursday evening before I can really play much again, but I imagine that this weekend, I'll be spending a lot of time fighting the Siege of Mirkwood.

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