Monday, January 04, 2010

The End of Time

Last night I watched part two of The End of Time, the final Doctor Who adventure featuring the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant. I had been a little disappointed with part one, finding the plot a bit wonky and the return of The Doctor's arch enemy The Master a bit underwhelming. Part two, however, made up for all of that. Heck the last ten minutes made up for any gaffes in the two parter. For once, warned of his impending regeneration (the way a Time Lord cheats death by replacing every atom in his body and effectively becoming a new person) the Tenth Doctor had a rare opportunity to say his goodbyes. In a series of vignettes the character, the actor, and the writer all get a chance to shine.
I will miss Tennant. Though I was very taken with the first 'new' Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, Tennant slowly won me over. I once said that Peter Davidson was 'my' Doctor, because he was the first one I saw. I'm taking that back now. Instead of having my favorite Doctor chosen for me, I am choosing him myself. I'll have trouble seeing anyone else as the Doctor in the future. I'll give the new guy a chance, and I hope the show continues to do well, but from now on David Tennant is my Doctor.

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