Saturday, January 09, 2010


We had a little snow in Northern Georgia Thursday night. Just enough to coat the ground and then melt before nightfall so that the road I live on, a twisty little street with a lot of trees, was a solid sheet of ice on Friday morning. I didn't learn this until I attempted to go to work. There was some ice in the area of my apartment but it didn't look too bad. But when I hit the main road it was like a skating rink. I did mange to get back to the apartment complex by a different entrance, but that left me at the bottom of a very steep and very icy hill, so I had to park the truck the first safe spot I could find and leg it back to the apartment.
By the end of the day things were a bit better, and I was able to retrieve the truck. Don't know how things look this morning. I'll probably walk up to the main road after sun up and see. I assume the road is passable now, but after my slippery adventures yesterday I won't be taking any chances.


jeritalleedawso said...

Glad you made it back home safely!

Brett Brooks said...

I thought I survived it just fine...until last night when I stepped out of the car and my feet were instantly over my head. Now, I have a really pained shoulder and elbow to remind me that ice is slippery.

lk said...

Yikes. Sorry you got hurt, Brett. One of the SF firemen once told me the busiest days they ever had were with falls on ice in bad weather.

Watch for black ice too.