Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Day

And so we bid farewell to 2009. It wasn't an overly interesting year for me. Looking back over last years posts I saw that I still read a lot, though perhaps not as much as when I first started this Blog in 2006. A lot of that is because my tastes have changed. I'm not reading nearly as much crime fiction as I was back then, so interest in one of my genres has certainly declined. I'm also not reading as much current fantasy, though I do still try to keep up with the field. What I am reading is mostly non fiction and a lot of pulp related stuff. I don't feel as inclined to blog about the non fiction. Thus my posting has dropped off. Down 105 posts from 2008's total. I'm still interested in blogging though, so no worries. I'm not going anywhere any time soon.
I've no big plans for 2010 so far. I have a notion or two, and we'll see where that leads. Though not a superstitious man, I'm a little gun shy as the last two years that ended in a zero were the worst and most traumatic years of my adult life. Hoping to break that nasty trend.
Anyway, it's 2010. I saw the New Year in and went to bed soon after. At the moment there are no major issues looming, so this morning I'm cautiously optimistic, looking toward another year of possibilities.

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Lanny said...

I would miss your blog TERRIBLY if it went away! I still wish I could talk you into coming back to Face Book...