Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Less than Bloggy

Hey, sorry I've been less than bloggy lately. I had kind of a rough weekend (plumbing issues in my apartment and my truck broke down) leaving me very little time for reading, writing, or anything else, so I had very little to blog about aside from alternators and leaking pipes and who wants to hear about that?
Hopefully things are back to normal and I can get enough downtime to read something. I have been working through some short stories by Harold Lamb and I definitely need to blog about that.
I will relate one funny incident, just so you don't feel your time reading this post was completely wasted. What happened at the apartment was my next door neighbor's pipes sprung a leak and were leaking into the apartment below mine. Unfortunately that meant that the maintenance guys had to cut into the wall under my bathroom sink as well as that of the apartment next door. This happened Thursday when I was off from work, so my day off was pretty much shot. Anyway, after they had cut into both walls they realized that they didn't have the right pipe fittings so they had to go buy some at Home Depot.
While they were gone I noticed my cat Amelia wandering toward the bathroom. It occurred to me that there was a hole in the wall and Amelia, being a very curious kitty, might go into the hole. I jumped up and went after her, ducking into the bathroom just in time to see Amelia's tail vanish into the hole.
I had visions of an episode of Rescue 911 with the fire department coming over to rescue my cat from inside the wall, but fortunately Amelia had merely gone straight through to the other apartment. The tenants of that apartment weren't home so they weren't surprised by the sudden appearance of my cat. I hurried outside and luckily one of the other maintenance guys was in the breezeway and I got him to open the other apartment so I could go get Amelia. I found her casually strolling around the next door apartment, admiring the furniture. She was less than pleased to be snatched up and returned to her proper home. Needless to say I covered the hole with a large heavy object until the maintenance crew got back. Cats.

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