Thursday, February 11, 2010

Link the Loot

Good night at the Comic Book Store last night. The new Del Rey Robert E. Howard collection, El Borak, was in. Not a sword & sorcery character like Conan or Kull, El Borak was a Texas gunfighter turned wandering adventurer in Afghanistan and points beyond. I don't think I've read all the El Borak stories so there might even be a new REH tale for me in this book. Haven't really checked the table of contents as of yet.
My copy of the fifth Del Rey Elric volume made it in as well, and it looks to have a lot of fun stuff included. Again didn't really get much chance to peruse it. Got home and had to go to bed so I could be up bright and early for work. Expect more info on both books in the not too distant future.
So new Michael Moorcock and Robert E. Howard books in the same night. Not bad at all.

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