Monday, April 05, 2010

Cat Stuff

Back when my two cats Bruce and Amelia belonged to my friend Trish, she generally didn't feed them people food. I've kept that up for the most part, though I do give them tuna once a week and they can have bits of any turkey or chicken I'm having, but I only give it to them in their own dish in the kitchen. I don't feed them scraps as I'm eating so they won't bother me at meal time. Mostly this works, though Bruce will still try and mooch something now and again.
So I was a bit surprised when the normally reserved Amelia hopped up on my desk yesterday morning when I was eating a chocolate chip muffin and began meowing. Now she's done this before when I was eating something I knew she wouldn't like, such as brown rice or beans and of course if I offered her a bite she would sniff disdainfully and walk away. I figured this would be the case with the muffin as well, so I broke off a tiny bit and held it out. True to form, Amelia sniffed the muffin bit, but then suddenly snatched it away and devoured it. I then had to fend her off as I finished up the muffin. Cats like muffins. Who'd have thunk it?
On a slightly related topic, the accepted internet noise for cat's eating is nom, as in nom nom nom. Bruce eats very loudly but the sound he makes is more like ronk ronk ronk or unk unk unk.


Cromsblood said...

You just never know with those darn roof-rabbits. One of my cats likes honeydew melon, and loves his cantaloupe. Just the smell of it gets him all worked up.

jeritalleedawso said...

No kidding about the muffins! Whenever I bake, I have to keep fending off cats as I eat the goods. Last week I had muffins and threw the crumpled paper in the paper bin under my desk. Intrepid cats would burrow in, pull it out and lick off what was left of the muffin!

I also let Rhianna sniff ingredients when she comes in while I'm cooking - onions, carrots, dry rice... ;)