Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coming in November

As you can probably imagine, I'm looking forward to this one.


Jeri said...

No, really? A Dr Who by Michael Moorcock? Why would that get you excited?

Just kidding. ;)

I'm just adding to my bookshelf to make space for the Torchwood DVDs and two Torchwood books I just ordered. Up to the eyeballs in that particular fandom, myself! ;)

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Heh, yes I've been reading your posts at your blog. Loved the panel footage. The good news is, it looks like there will be a fourth season of Torchwood, co-produced by the American Movie Classics channel. A full 13 episode series. Reportedly Barrowman and Myles are on board, but speculation continues as to the rest of the cast. So fingers crossed.

jeritalleedawso said...

Since Russel T Davies killed everyone else, it certainly is up to the heavens who'll be in it. Yes, I'm still miffed over him killing Ianto. *grumble*

Do we have the same information re. the fourth series, though? This is the official BBC press release:

But Starz is - in my opinion - the best partner for bringing Torchwood to the US, because they will not have to compromise on the (omnisexual, far-out, thought-provoking, over-the-top) topics on that channel at all. I'm just saying... Spartacus. All the debauchery you could wish for. Hard to top, but I'm sure RTD will give it a good, hard try!

Glad to hear you're enjoying my geekery, btw!