Friday, June 25, 2010


Howdy. How is everyone? I'm still extremely busy, both at work and at home so not a lot of reading going on, thus not much to blog about. Last weekend I did re-read F. Paul Wilson's horror novel The Keep, and it's still a winner. Builds tension and suspense very gradually before hammering you with more graphic horror. The Keep is the first book in Wilson's Adversary saga which is comprised of six core books but actually affects most of Wilson's output, including his long running Repairman Jack series. In fact, Jack plays a major role in the final book of the Adversary series, Nightworld. I need to re-read that one again too, but Wilson says he's going to edit and revise it soon, so I may wait for that.
I am at work on the novel as promised, but I want to get a bit further along before I say much about it. I find it best if I don't talk about works in progress until they are well underway and even then I only talk about them in general terms. I've found I can only tell a story once, so if I talk much about it, I won't write it. Also I tend to have a lot of false starts, so often the story I begin isn't remotely like the one I end up with.
There's a new anthology out, Swords and Dark Magic: The New Sword & Sorcery, which I mentioned a while back, and I should have a copy of it by next week. It has a new Elric story by Michael Moorcock and a novella from Joe Abercrombie and a new Black Company story by Glenn Cook. Really looking forward to that one.
Anyway, the weekend looms, so hopefully I'll get some time to read a bit and maybe do one or two other fun things.

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