Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doctor Who:The Adventure Games.

The BBC has released a couple of downloadable computer games featuring the 11th Doctor and his companion Amy Pond. They're a free download if you live in the UK, but it's five bucks for the two of them here in the US. I downloaded them last week and so far have only had time to do the first two parts of the first game, City of the Daleks. I'm finding the games to be a lot of fun. They're kid friendly so they aren't overly violent, but much like the Doctor Who program, they make up in charm whatever they're lacking in violent action. Basically you get to control the Doctor as he and Amy try to learn how the Daleks managed to conquer Earth in 1963. There's plenty of running and hiding and puzzle solving and you get to travel in the Tardis and use the Sonic Screwdriver to open doors and rewire things and do all the stuff the Doctor does.
Both Matt Smith (the Doctor) and Karen Gillian (Amy) provided voice acting and motion capture for the game so the avatars really look and sound like the pair. City of the Daleks has a well written plot of the same kind you expect from the show so it's kind of like you get to take part in an episode of the series.
My only complaint is that the avatars have somewhat limited movements (they can't jump for instance) and controlling them can be a little wonky. You're using the mouse for camera control and character control at the same time. It gets easier as you go, but I'm so used to having complete control of my avatar Kharrn in Lord of the Rings Online, that anything less tends to annoy me. But hey, at $2.50 a game, I can't complain much. Overall I'm having a good time with City of the Daleks. Next up is Blood of the Cybermen.

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