Sunday, August 29, 2010

Waiting for Fall

It looks as if we're done with summer here in the sunny South. Oh there will be days when the temperature approaches 90 degrees still, but the oppressive heat we've seen for the last couple of months finally seems to have broken. I've just returned from sitting outside at a local Starbucks for an hour or so where I was drinking coffee and ready Terry Brooks' Bearers of the Black Staff. Almost done and very pleased with the book. I have all the windows open and both ceiling fans going, airing the apartment out. Bruce is on the window sill and Amelia is prowling the living room.
It isn't cool enough for my usual autumn restlessness to set in, but I expect it any day. I can't explain what brings it on exactly. A change in the quality of sunlight and something ineffable in the air. I'll know it when it comes.

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