Sunday, September 12, 2010

Charles Rutledge's Book of Horrors II

Last year, about this time, I put together a table of contents for a non-existent anthology of short horror fiction. I had such a good time that I've decided to do so again, and I wanted to get it in before October so interested parties could track down any of these stories in time for the Halloween season. Just like last year I've tried to get a wide range of horror, past and present. I try to steer clear of labels like 'best', so these are some of my favorite horror stories, the ones that creeped me out and lingered in my mind after the lights were out. Feel free to send suggestions for your own favorites and if you haven't read some of these, give them a try. Once again, 13 is the unlucky number of stories for this collection of the macabre.

Manly Wade Wellman/ Where Angels Fear...

Elizabeth Gaskell/The Old Nurse's Story

Karl Edward Wagner/In the Pines

Robert E. Howard/ Pigeons From Hell

H.P. Lovecraft/ The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Joe Hill/Voluntary Commital

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle/The Captain of the Pole Star

Joseph Payne Brennan/Canavan's Back Yard

Arthur Machen/The Novel of the Black Seal

Stephen King/The Man in the Black Suit

Algernon Blackwood/The Willows

Clark Aston Smith/The Return of the Sorcerer

Bernard Capes/An Eddy on the Floor


Rachel said...

I read very little horror fiction but earlier this year I came by Lesser Demons and really enjoyed it. I'd never heard of Partridge before but it made me curious to read more of his stuff and try out more horror fiction in general so I'm digging this list. Have you read Partridge? Knowing I liked his stuff is there a story on your list you think would be the best place for me to start?

(many thanks in advance but also would like to extend gratitude for your detailed round-ups in the past. whenever i'm curious about a genre i'm not familiar with you're always very thorough in answering questions.:)

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Rachel, I haven't read Partidge but he looks very interesting. I'll give him a try. The two writers that jump to mind after reading the synopses of Partridge's stories on the link you provided are two Joes, Joe Hill and Joe Lansdale. I just read Hill's collection, 20th Century Ghosts, from which came one of my selections in this year's Book of Horrors. There are some great and very creepy stories in that book. That's the one I'd recommend from the list.
Joe Lansdale writes horror and crime fiction and does both very well. There's a new collection of his stuff called The Best of Joe Lansdale, which is well worth getting. One of my favorite Lansdale stories is Bubba Ho-Tep, where an aging Elvis Presly fights an ancient Egyptian mummy in an old folks home in Texas. Lansdale sounds the closest to Partidge. You might try one of his crime novels too, featuring Texas heroes Hap and Leonard. Mucho-Mojo is a good one.

Rachel said...

Thanks much! Can't wait to check these out.

Also, I thought of another fantasy novel you might enjoy (no dragons, friendly or otherwise) called Shadow Prowler by Alexey Pehov. Originally published in the 90s in Russia and just getting around to us this year.