Thursday, October 07, 2010

And More Books...

Yes, the book buying frenzy goes on. It was a Weird Tales kind of night at the Comic Book store last night. I picked up a small Neal Adams sketchbook called Savages II which contained a bunch of pencil or pen and ink drawings of Kull, Conan, Solomon Kane, Red Sonja, Tarzan, and the like. Always a pleasure to see Neal drawing Conan.
It's kind of a shame though that I enjoyed this slim booklet more than the larger and far more expensive Art of Neal Adams from Vanguard, which showed up a couple of weeks ago. The Vanguard book is nicely printed on nice paper, but I was really hoping for a more in-depth and comprehensive book on Adams. The Art of Neal Adams isn't that. I dug out some of my old Adams items like The Neal Adams Treasury and really there's far more interesting stuff in those old publications. So, yeah, Savages II gets an A and The Art of Neal Adams gets a B-.
The other item I got was the eighth volume of the Darkhorse 'phonebooks' reprinting Marvel's Savage Sword of Conan. Unfortunately they are now into the period I think of as the long wasteland of Michael Fleisher. After Roy Thomas left Marvel, there was a long period where Fleisher wrote most of the Conan stories for Savage Sword. While I've enjoyed Fleisher's work on other titles, DC's Spectre comes to mind, I never felt that he had the feel for Conan.
There is quite a bit of John Buscema art during this period, which is always a plus, but I get the feeling that after Roy left John lost a lot of interest. He also was mostly doing breakdowns (very rough pencil art) at the time to be finished by inkers like Ernie Chan, though every once and a while there would be an interesting inker choice, such as Nestor Redondo. So while you never get a bad art job from John Buscema, there are quite a few indifferent ones here. Still, though I own a complete set of the original Savage Sword of Conan magazines, it's nice to have these handy volumes.
That was all the Weird Tales related stuff I bought, but I also had a couple of packages arrive. One contained volumes 3 and 5 of the Arkham House selected letters of H.P. Lovecraft. An online bookstore I frequent was having a sale and I go these two books for twenty bucks each, which is better than I can do anywhere else. I already owned volume 4 of the five volume set, so now I just need two more. More on those later.
The other package was my DVD of In the Mouth of Madness, the best Lovecraft film that isn't a Lovecraft film, which I mentioned in my Fright Flick Festival post. Glad to get that one before Halloween.
Which reminds me, I also just ordered a UK DVD of the Solomon Kane film, since there's still no set date for a US release of the movie. I have a non region DVD player so now I can check this one out. Email tells me it shipped yesterday. I'll keep you posted.

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