Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Long Goodbye

In January of the this year, Robert B. Parker, one of my absolute favorite authors passed away. One of the early articles about his death stated that his most recent novel about his private eye hero Spenser, 'The Professional', was the last completed Spenser book. I wrote a review of The Professional, thinking it my last visit with Spencer and his world.
A short while later, another report said that Parker had actually completed one more Spenser book and yet another article said there were two more. A new Spenser, Painted Ladies, is out now and Amazon lists another Spenser due out next year, this one called Sixkill. Suspicious minded fellow that I am, and fearful of ghostwriters I did some checking. A little web research shows that in Parker's final Blog post he says,

"I am currently writing a book with the working title SIXKILL in which a new character joins Spenser's world. Probably be out next year."

That was in May of 2009 and Parker passed away in January of 2010, so plenty of time for the prolific author to finish another novel. Every other source I've found so far calls Sixkill bona fide, so I guess I have at least two more Spenser's to review. I'm pleased to have them, but at the same them it feels odd, knowing that Parker is gone. And of course I read The Professional 'knowing' it was the last and got all sappy about it. Talk about your Long Goodbyes.

(P.S. There are also contradicting reports of an untitled Spenser Christmas book floating around. Nothing new on that yet.)

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