Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well, Halloween is almost over as I type this. I think I've gotten my money's worth this year. I've watched all the scary movies on my list and a few extra. I've read tons of creepy stories old and new.
The day itself has been almost anti-climatic. I think reading Michael Moorcock's new book over the last couple of days sort of bumped me out of the Halloween spirit, which is fine since I had almost a month's worth of ghostly goings on. And once again, it looks like I'm not going to have any trick or treaters show up.
Been doing a little reading in other genres tonight, and I have a couple of ideas for upcoming blog posts, including the return of the Department of Lost Barbarians. So that's it, I guess for Halloween 2010. Hope you all had a good one. I think I may re-read a short H.P. Lovecraft story before bedtime though, just to see the season off properly. Night!

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